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A smart cookie against the Hatch machine

Utah continues to remain a small town after I've left. Pete Ashdown is one of founders of Xmission, which these days is the best remaining local ISP in Utah. He's also running for one of Utah's U.S Senate seats, against the massive money-generating machine of Orrin Hatch. Hatch has now served five terms in the senate--30 years---is powerful, has huge election resources, and is so deeply in the pockets of large businesses and so out of touch that it's not funny. Among other notable highlights, Hatch has:

But don't get me started. Anyway, Pete's running against him this year. He's facing an uphill race. Pete's smart, capable, young, and much more clued in to issues that people like me care about (see above list). This may not fly well in Utah, outside of the one-mile radius around the University of Utah. But it's a fight worth fighting, and I encourage people to take a peek at his campaign site and donate a few bucks or a bit of time. And get the word out - Pete doesn't have a well-funded army of advertisers behind him. For his campaign to be at all effective, he's going to need word of mouth and "buzz" to carry the word. So donate, get on the email list, or officially endorse his campaign. Tell your friends.

Pete's a good egg. He's an effective and respectable businessperson -- I co-founded and operated a competitor to his ISP in 1995, and have nothing but respect for the way Pete grew Xmission into a huge success in an ethical and responsible manner. Even as a competitor, Pete very clearly was interested in doing the right thing for his customers, potential customers, and the people of Utah. He consistently made the best decisions to help his customers, and then figured out a way to make sure that the resulting course of action was economically viable. I may be a little simple, but that seems like exactly the kind of decision-making I'd like from more politicians. It would be great to have him as a senator for Utah.

(Full disclosure: Xmission, the ISP that Pete Ashdown founded, has been hosting my web server for free for a while, since I moved it away from ArosNet. I don't think my opinion is influenced by this - I have a bunch of other free places I can stash servers, like at CMU, and I went with Xmission because they've got clue. My political opinions aren't for sale at any price.)


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